Brighton Celebs Currently Heading to Disused WW2 Bunker to Ride Out The Rest of 2016

Brighton’s celebrity population are currently making their way to a former WW2 bunker in Wadhurst in order to give themselves the best chance of making it through the rest of 2016 without one of them kicking the bucket. Celebrities including Steve Coogan, The Eubanks and Norman Cook attended an emergency meeting at The Amex last…


Forget Driver Only Trains Southern Now in Talks With Fat Controller About Acquiring Fleet of Train Only Trains

Just when you thought the current Southern Rail dispute couldn’t get any worse, The Brighton Bulletin can exclusively reveal leaked documents have shown Southern Rails chiefs are in advanced talks with the Fat Controller about purchasing a fleet of ‘train only’ trains. Southern Rail are digging their heels in over the introduction of ‘driver only’…


Annoying Bird Whistle Man Set For Bumper Black Friday Windfall

With traders around the county nervous about post Brexit sales the street seller known universally as ‘Annoying Bird Whistle Man’ is set to buck the trend with forecasts of record takings this Black Friday. Interest has ramped up this year after the seller jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon reducing the price of his bird…